Fishing Reports on the "Wile E. Coyote"

This Fishing Report is from my Charter boat the "Wile E. Coyote. Every day's catch varies, and what
works one day, may not the next. I'll try to highlight the days activities, and where we were. I usually try
to post the updates within a day or two. These Deep Sea Fishing Charters are fun and offer more than just a fishing trip, but the oppurtunity to spend time with friends and family, see nature at its purest, and enjoy an

action packed adventure that can bring dinner home!

Wile E. Coyote

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Comment by Henry on July 23, 2014 at 5:31am

Port Canaveral early summer report

Though we had calls for each and every Red Snapper day, I had other business commitments and only took on
5 of the 8 days. While Red Snapper were still a desired fish, most of my guest did not want to just hunt for them
to the exclusion of all others until found. I had found a few good sites for the "Other" Red Snapper...Vermillion,
and daily limits of these fish averaging 16" and 5 per person were not to be taken lightly. Add large Lane Snapper
Healthy Triggers and Porgy and a host of other fish and most trips took us to where we knew these other fish were
rather than just red Snapper. Why not both? This source is a long run, so it was one or the other. We did get red Snapper
up to 28 pounds, but not really targeted. Other speceis caught were Amberjack, Pork Fish, Barracuda (large), Spot Tailed Pins,
White and Tomate grunts, Spade Fish, Scup, Remora, Shark, and a few more I am likely forgetting.

Here are some pics, some on ARS days some during the week.


There are more. Will add later. All this is the past 10 days.

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures llc
"Wile E Coyote"
602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Fl.
Comment by Henry on July 23, 2014 at 5:29am

Port Canaveral Spring 2014 update.

These schools of fish were seen often hollowing weedlines and feeding on bait under them near the
surface in waters from 60' to 170'. Each school numbered into the hundreds of fish.
This is what they were! We caught them on butterfly higs!
Were used to finding lane Snapper as small but tasty fish. We found a spot where they are not small!
Father and Son AJ. Dad did the sweating and son cheered him on.
It was a nice fish but the rest of the story was priceless. He watched his older uncle fight hard and land one
and thought that with youth and vigor he would just bring it right in.Wrong! Uncle had to help him!
Bent rods like this speak volumns. Add the sound of peeling drag and it nirvana for the senses.
Jacks for everyone
More Jacks.
Gag Grouper on high speed verticle Jig!
A very common fish, Little Tuny, but not usually this large at over 20 pounds.
Mahi, with a few more of these joining it in the icebox, its whats for dinner.

A lot of weather related charter cancelations, but plenty of fish for all.

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures llc
"Wile E Coyote"
602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Fl.
Comment by Henry on July 23, 2014 at 5:28am

Port Canaveral Offshore 03-10&11-14

A little break in the weather to get a few trips in with so many weather cancellations this winter.
Sunday was rescheduled till April due to 6' sea's, but Monday was much better.

We had a full boat Monday with 6 guest, but lighter winds allowed us to still run at 30 or better out
to the fishing grounds. A fair weedline was seen at 120', but waters were still cool, so we did not
spend a lot of time on it. Eventually we made our way out to deep waters to hit the wrecks for AJ's.
5 other boats were already surrounding the area, so we had to work into the rotation.

While everyone else was using live bait, we stuck to our plan of high speed vertical jigs. While
we watch the drift direction and waited to get in line it looked slow going, with only a few fish hooked up,
and a lot of rod tending. Our first drop with our 14oz Williamson speed jig was was an instant hook-up.

We repeated this pattern until everyone landed a fish. While we had 7 nice Jacks in the icebox, a couple
of them were good sized Almaco's so really we could have put a couple more AJ's on ice, but we already
had a lot of meat on ice, and my guest were ready for a break. we had several fish break off, and even got
to feed the sharks.

Trolling was SLOW. In the warmer Gulfstream waters, the weeds were really scattered, and we only saw a
few fliers. We worked out as far as 400' and back to200' with no action. We had a lot of fish to clean and a
long ride back to port, so in we went.

Tuesday was supposed to be very calm, but a coupe hours before sunrise, the winds kicked up, making
for a sloppy ride out. We had a beautiful view in the port however. Weeds were still there, but even more
stirred up than the day before. With only 2 guest  with me, it was an easier day, but the sloppy sea's made
it tiring.  With nothing real interesting on the way out, we headed for the deep wrecks. Only 2 boats were
there, but it did not take long for several more to show up.

The action was much like the day before, with fish on very quickly. We took our turn and got our limit of
AJ's and an extra Almaco for good measure.

Rather than play Catch and Release, we decided to Troll a while, but much like the day before, and with
even more stirred up weeds, no action. We ran to an artificial reef to play with smaller fish such as grunts,
and Small Yellowtail and added a nice Mangrove Snapper to the days catch for good measure. Back to
port to port to clean fish.

Wednesday was scheduled for a trip also, but the forecast was not looking good, and my guest had a
chance to reschedule, so we stayed off the water.

Captain Henry

Comment by Henry on December 14, 2013 at 7:30am

Here is a year end recap of some of the 2013 fishing action on the Wile e Coyote, with Captain Henry and ACME Ventures Fishing......Turn up the sound!


Comment by Henry on December 9, 2013 at 5:44pm


Comment by Henry on December 8, 2013 at 11:48am

Port Canaveral Offshore 12-05-13

Managed a few nice calm days, so  Offshore we went. Dirty pea-green water full of weeds started
in the port,  and remained that way until nearly 70' where it cleaned up nicely. No weeds  until a
little scattered ones were found around 240' in fairly blue water.  Being right near a few deep wrecks,
we first searched to see what was on  them. Down close some fish were marking, but also up a little
higher. First jig down revealed these had fangs. We switched to tooth-proof high speed jigs, and played
with the Cuda a bit, but in time with scarred up jigs, we changed  gears.

Double Hookup.

Size: 53.4 KB" alt="Name: 2013-12-05 Fishing 007a.jpg Views: 222
Size: 53.4 KB" src="" border="0" />

Our lines went out, and we went searching for weeds. They  were basically along the 250' depth, but a little
thin and ragged. Though  slow trolling, we did manage 3 nice Mahi, from 10lb to 25lb. We finally decided  to
run in to bottom fish some, and crossed a nice weedline over 27 fthms.  Well nicely formed, but no fish. To
an artificial reef we went.

Views: 223 Size: 51.3 KB" alt="Name: 2013-12-05 Fishing 005a.jpg
Views: 223
Size: 51.3 KB" src="" border="0" />

Several Red Snapper were caught and tagged, including one  recapture of a previously tagged fish. We also
hooked up a large grouper  while doing so. We had some fun, and brought some good eating fish home.  These
are all the pic's I took, my guest has more that I will add when He  heads North and sends them to me.

Views: 220 Size: 44.3 KB" alt="Name: 2013-12-05 Fishing 009a.jpg
Views: 220
Size: 44.3 KB" src="" border="0" />

Captain Henry

Comment by Henry on September 15, 2013 at 6:30am

Port Canaveral Offshore past week of fishing

A few trips combined into  one report over the past week or so. The last 4 trips we have found Mahi, though  not in large numbers or size, but we have found some. We have found a lot of  small schoolies, which bodes well for next springs migration North, when they  will be nice sized. The water and fishing conditions have been as varied as they  have been all year, and we are still finding pockets of cool bottom, and fish  out of their normal locations.

While fishing for AJ's with both live  bait and speed Jigs, we've hooked up Snowy and Warsaw  the bottom.

Mahi have been in as close as 70' and Sailfish even closer  to shore.

Other Mahi have been caught while dragging lines in clean  weedfree waters.

A lot of Vermillion have been found, which is nice now that  they are open year round for us, but at only a 5 per person limit,it makes a  short target speceis.

And Cuda are finally showing up on the troll. We found them  on a few wrecks, but the cooler waters all summer has them much more scarce than  in previous years.

In all, the fishing is still what we have seen all year,  with hot and cold bites from day to day. At least the weather the past few days  has allowed for some of the smoothest days on the water this year, allowing some  high speed runs to the fishing grounds!

Captain Henry 321-794-7955
602 Glen  Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral
Deep Sea Fishing Port Canaveral on the Wile e  Coyote

Comment by Henry on August 19, 2013 at 6:32am

Port Canaveral Offshore 08-16 & 17-13
A couple trips and a quick report.  Were still finding varied water conditions offshore with cold bottom actually  observable on the bottom machine with a well defined thermo break line. The  bottom bit seems a little better in some places, but not completely back. We  have found some nice fish, but at times in the middle of a ton of natural bait,  and unwilling to take anything we offered.
Friday we managed to find  AJ's,though we really had to work hard to get them to bite, and they were  holding dep near the bottom, but did get some rod bending action. Lots of sharks  yet, but Atlantic Sharpnosed are a great eating fish, and one of the few you can  keep one per person on.

Trolling saw little action, with weeds pretty much non  existant to 300'. Saturday was a little better. First thing Saturday was a stop  by the last buoy out of the port. Water was clear, and thousands of small bait  fish were around it. We blind cast a jig, and 2 fat Cobia followed it back but  refused to bite. We added live bait and eels to the offerings and still they  were curious but refused to eat. They also seemed smarter than norman, keeping  just out of gaff range! Finally as they started to awim off and down we made a  final pitch to try getting them back to the boat, and something hooked up, but  was comming towards the boat. It showed itself in the form of a monster manta  with our 2 Cobias in tow. We cut our line off before loosing it all and headed  for deeper water.

Nearing 300', we found weeds and a semi clean edge. Before  we got line out, we saw a large palm branch floating and investigated. Again,  thousands of bait fish were around this. We sent a verticle jig down a hundred  foot to see what may be hanging below. It was a 12 oz speed jig, and a fish  liked it, but small. It was a 'WeeHoo'! It had big aspirations I guess. We sent  him home to grow a little more. A few small Mahi showed up, followed by a few  bigger ones. We offered chunk bait, live biat, jigs, topwater plugs, and finally  pulled ballyhoo around the area, and they apparently preferred the natural  buffet around them. We finally set more lines out to work the weed line a  while.

We had a steady but slow line of shortstrikes, some killing  our baits, some apparently only grabbing the skirts head, but no hookups. Before  running too far North along the line that was working deeper and deeper, we  stopped by a few bottom wrecks. We found AJ's there Friday, but was seeing  nothing mark Saturday. We made a few blind drops with the high speed jigs, and  hooked up. We were 50' above the structure or maybe 100' off the bottom in 280'  of water, and we were not hooking AJ's, but Grouper. This healthy Snowy was one  of the groupers hooked. We did manage to bring one grouper home also, a  Black.

Back to trolling we went. More short strikes and misses.  North and in about 400' of water as the weed line started to fade, we hooked a  Sailfish. After that fight, and with the weed line falling apart, we headed in  for some shallower bottom fishing. More sharks, but more meat in the ice box and  all the catching one could ask for. The bottom bite was still off, with even  grunts slow to bite.
Fridays trip in was interesting. We were cruising  about 40, and about 5 miles from port when we saw a large center consoleheading  towards us. It took him a while to run us down. There was no radio call, but  once they were close enough for us to see them, and apparently them see us  looking, they turned on the blue lights. Border Patrol! 6 Federal armed officers  wanted to know who we were. After we showed our credentials and they checked us  out we were on our way. Wonder how much that 39' Midnight Express with 4 motors  on the back and 6 federal Deputies is costing us each day? And, they did not eve  have a single rod holder on that boat!

A couple of interesting days with slow but mixed results. We  saw a lot of fish and brought some home for dinner, but is we could have brought  back what would not eat, we would have had a couple epic trips. thats  Fishing!
Captain Henry
321-794-7955 Deep Sea  Fishing Port Canaveral

Comment by Henry on August 12, 2013 at 8:09am

Port Canaveral Offshore 08-11-13

Having not been out in nearly 2 weeks,  I really did not know what to expect with the water conditions. The sattelite  imagery looked somewhat promising for trolling, but then again all the right  conditions do not mean fish.
First stop was on a shallow wreck to see how  the bite was. A lot of fish marking, but a slow bite on on both cut and live  bait, but still put Trigger on ice. We headed east, and with  a little choppy  conditions and Fliers sees at 90', we set lines and worked out.

A vein of fliers was found without weeds at 130', so we took  a little time working the area and had it finally paid off with a Wahoo. We  spent some more time there with no action, and continued east. It was widely  scattered weeds, lots of fliers, but no fish until 180 where we found a nice  weedline, rip, fliers and temp break. All we needed was fish to cooperate.

It did not take long for the first small Mahi to find our  baits, but a solo fish, as would be the case tot rest of the day, but another  color to add to the icebox.

It was a while before we found the next fish, but the  conditions looked too fishy to leave, so it was a good call. This Bull was a  good sized bigger than the first and gave the mostly surf and inshore angler a  taste of offshore Pelagic fight!

Again with another fish on ice we dragged lines along the  weedline until an even bigger fish destroyed one bait, missing the hook, but  nearly instantly found another with hook firmly set. Still a little wore out  from the last battle, my guest began his fight with a very stubborn fish than  wanted nothing to do with our boat. Finally in it was time for a little  break.

We worked a little longer, but the line started to break up,  and with no more fish, w pulled lines and ran deeper to see if the deep wrecks  have started to repopulate themselves with AJ's. With no one there, we called it  a day and headed to port to clean fish.

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures Fishing
602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Florida
Deep Sea Fishing Port Canaveral  on the Wile e Coyote

Comment by Henry on August 2, 2013 at 6:36am

Port Canaveral Offshore July 28 & 30
A few quick trip reports from the  past week. The theme seems to be Sharks. We caught them trolling and bottom  fishing, even caught one on a high speed jig, but then again we were catching  red Snapper on Hi Speed Butterfly Jigs also. Several locations we marked what  looked like large Jack schools in the mid water column, and large speed jigs  were deployed only to hook up a large Red Snapper.

We did find our AJ's but some fishing for Vermillions  and triggers with small chicken rigs and squid on the bottom. that made for a  long fight with the little hooks.

And lots of sharks. Silky's, Sharpnosed, and a few other  unidentified speceis. A lot of the sharks were wearing lip rings (hooks) from a  previous battle. Fortionatly many of my guest actually wanted to catch a shark,  so along with some toothy Cuda's we also found that made their day.

We did not manage to find Mahi, but also did not spend a  lot of time trolling, though we did manage to get a nice arial display from a  Sail for them.
Captain Henry

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